Our metrics are updated hourly from Majestic, MOZ and Ahrefs.  In most cases when you're using Majestic and see that the metrics in CF and TF are different than what you bought then you are not checking all 4 instances of the domain that you're checking.

When you buy a domain from PBN HQ, you should then go to "Domains" in your PBN HQ dashboard.  This will show you all of the domains that you have purchased from us.  It will also show you a "strong version".  In many cases this will be the subdomain of  "www.(yourdomain).com" for example.  But sometimes the strong version may be the root domain of "http://yourdomain.com" (NOTE the lack of "www." in front of the the second one. 

When you put a domain to check in Majestic, there is a drop down arrow that will allow you to check 4 different versions of the domain for the strongest.