The way Majestic reports metrics can be a little confusing.

They will have four values for

  • Root Domain
  • Sub Domain
  • Path
  • URL

The main TF value that you see in the marketplace is the PATH TF version.  But you can also click on the TF or CF value for any domain and you'll then see all TF / CF versions displayed.

Take a look at this example, you can see the metrics for versus

Why does this happen?

It depends on where the links to your site point. Remember, that and are actually different sites and could show different content.

If you have links pointing to the www subdomain of your site (like we do at PBN HQ) you'll see that the www subdomain version will have the strongest metrics when queried in Majestic.

Historic Metrics

We also track 10 days worth of metric data so you can see before you buy how stable the metrics have been. You can view this by clicking on any of the metric values and it will pull up a 4 line chart for your review.