Just go to domains.pbnhq.com/links and you will see this user panel with the relevant menu links on the left hand side.

First you will need to add a 'Property'.  This is the website you would like to send links to e.g. money site or client site.  Click on 'Properties' from the menu:

Once you have added a new property, our staff will review the website you submitted and approve or decline it.  When you property is approved, you can then place an order.

After clicking on the green 'Place Order' button you will then see our database of PBN sites.  Choose the links you would like to order by clicking on the green shopping cart button.  These will be added to your shopping cart icon at the top.

Once you've finished selecting your links, click on the shopping cart icon at the top of the screen.

Confirm the items you've select look correct.

You will then need to enter the anchor text for your links and select which property to send each link to.  Like below.

Once you've enter your anchor text and properties, click on the green 'Confirm the order' button.

You will then see a summary of your order details.  You can now click on the PayPal button and complete your payment.